GOVINDA’S Club is a free association of fans and friends of Govinda’s Vegetarian Restaurant in Soukenická street in Prague 1.

For more than 20 years of its existence Govinda’s inscribed itself in the hearts of thousands people and became well-known. Not only in the capital, yet practically in all the cities of our country we can find at least one person (but often many more) who at least once visited Govinda’s and many of them would even want to have a similar option of Krishna’s good and healthy kitchen at their home town.

The members of Govinda’s Club for an annual contribution of 1.008 Kc get discount on its main menu – a large portion for 106 Kc (as opposed to regular 118 Kc) and a small portion for 96 Kc (as opposed to 108 Kc).

Among others things they are also entitled to 15% discount on cooking class and free bimonthly Nama Hatta magazine of Hare Krishna Movement in Bohemia.

Above all, they can have a very good feeling of supporting this God-favored project, whatever their motives are – ecological, vegetarian or spiritual.

Applications for the Govinda’s Club are available at the restaurant’s counter.

Thank you for your support!


Buy for your dear-ones voucher for 10 portion worth of 1150 CZK for 1050 CZK only!