SMALL MENU ● 108,– Kč

Soup, rice, vegetable dish (subji), salad, chutney (sweet & spicy fruit mixture improving digestion).

BIG MENU ● 118,– Kč

The composition of dishes as the small menu on a larger plate + free adds.

You can take lunch with you (take away).
New! Tuesday and Friday we offer a choice of two subjis.


TO COMPLIMENT your meal you can also choose from our additional specialities like chapatis (indian flat bread), papadams (thin fried crackers) or koftas (fried vegetable balls or skewers)


EVERY DAY we prepare fresh Indian sweets like burfi, sandesh, laddu but also pies,cakes and desserts. We use mainly cane sugar as a sweetener.

We also provide a service for ordering cakes for your special occasions according to your tastes and designs.


GATEAUS and SWEETS you can order on phone number 727 883 216 or e-mail


THROUGHOUT the whole year we offer different kinds of cold and hot drinks: fruit and herbal teas, ginger tea, masala tea, caffeine free coffee, orange juice, lasi (refreshing drink from fruits and yogurt), fresh carrot and water melon juice and green barley.

Every table is equipped with a jar full of filtered water with lemon slices which is FREE of charge.